Had some fun shooting this Dodge Challenger in the mountains.

Touring a wine vineyard

Smile 😝 I can’t help but to anthropomorphize this skylight at the Denver Convention Center. Instantly made me smile

Couple beating the heat with some ice cream walking along Pearl St

Ona Camera Bag

The decor of Juliet Italian Kitchen is very well designed and makes for a cozy space for a glass or 2 of wine and one of the best charcuterie boards in Austin

Grilled Octopus Salad with Charred Jalapeños and Lemongrass Dressing
Another great recipe I made from one of my favorite restaurants/cookbooks

Love is in the air around downtown Austin on a summer afternoon

On her way to blues on the green, this music fan had the best summer style and vibe to illustrate the mood of everyone headed to the park


This Citroen 2CV reminds me of the Netflix documentary “A year in Champagne” that follows a lovely old vineyard owner who uses their 2CV as their daily driver

I’ve been working my way through the @elizabethstreetcafe cookbook. Amazing recipes in there. If you haven’t picked it up, you should! This was the Vietnamese Yellow Curry with Mussels and Chicken Meatballs. Amazing!

The early morning light and this sister’s stroll from St Peter’s caught my attention

Small car with a big character

Film shot 📷 Pure Italian style. It was absolute luck that I happened to be shooting a B&W roll as this couple walked by

Film shot 📷 Early morning, walking through some of the less touristy areas of Venice, are some of the most fascinating scenes of Venice

Film shot 📷 One of the most beautiful boats in Venice. The wood work and chrome was just so impressive looking

Lucky shot while walking down the street, a quick whip pan as this ambulance went by. Love the motion, the chaos, while the drive is so focused

Throwback to visiting Rome. So many scooters! This couple just screamed Italian, had to share it

Probably my favorite from the session, I went back and forth with cropping the light boxes, but for me, I had to leave them in. Felt like it added to the look

Cover Girl style studio shoot. Great studio session

From the Manciano Wine Festival 2018. Some locals enjoying the party

I loved the lighting in this shot and just the street style of catching this group ordering some wine from this booth during the wine festival in Manciano

Hi-Key lighting with Sarah Jones

Found this wonderful and whimsical sculpture on the Rich St bridge

I’ve always loved this building and the old newspaper’s neon sign

Getting creative with the other worldly feeling

I used multi exposure stacking to get this just right

Some of the great art deco lights and style of Southern California

The time was right, the sky was right, and the sign did the rest

Couldn’t get enough of this sign

Visiting Birmingham, AL for work. Woke up pre-dawn Thursday to get some pictures of downtown. Great Mural!
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A flock of grackles, Austin, TX
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The beautiful #vineyards of #roccapesta
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